Workshop Cedar Paddle Rattle


Date: Saturday November 27th, 2021

Time: 10am – 12pm

Activity: Cedar Paddle Rattle

Cost: $49 per person

Max: 10 people

Ages: 8+ Years

Details: Make a wooden paddle rattle using wooden pre-cut wood and copper beads. Gluing is required to assemble the rattle. If time allows, you will also have the opportunity to paint your rattle. Pacific Northwest Coast First Nations rattles or shakers are an instrument that is used in ceremonies, community songs or gifted to newborn babies to repel bad spirits. All Nations used the rattle in one form or another, as simple as a handful of stones shaken in ones hands to the more intricately adorned rattles that are used by many Nations.

Included: all guest will meet at the top of the hour and participate in the song then the movie. Materials to create the craft along with admission to the exhibits, 10% off in the gift shop and a main in the café (Chili or Chowder with Bannock, Taco, or Panini)

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