Spring Break Virtual Tour – Hunters and Gathers

Live from our First Nations Museum in Whistler, BC! Join us for a Virtual event and learn both the Squamish and the Lil’wat Nations are caretakers of the land, and their culture is a reflection of it. Our families came into the Whistler area during warmer months to prepare food for the long winters. In this specialty tour, students will learn how the communities of Squamish and Lil’wat people were sustained by hunting, fishing and gathering, using food as medicine for preventative care.

ADD A MEDICINE BAG CRAFT! Use buckskin, beads and hide lacing to craft a handmade medicine bag! Traditionally, medicine bags were used hold medicinal herbs or treasures that provide protection for the wearer who may be on a spirit quests, hunting and gathering, journeying to neighbouring community, or everyday protection and reminders. Some of the more common contents for medicine bags are tobacco, sage, sweet grass or other items deemed special or spiritual, such as crystals or small carvings.

$10 per household to attend

$20 per household plus one (1) Medicine Bag craft (that’s a $5 savings!) . Sorry, medicine bags are PICK UP ONLY in Whistler, BC, Thursday through Sunday

WEDNESDAY, 31 MARCH 2021- Offering morning or afternoon tours

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