Scarf Bamboo Fiber Infinity – Swift Wolf


Designed by Paul Windsor, Haida, Heiltsuk Nation

Manufactured by Native Origins

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Swift Wolf Infinity Circle Scarf designed by Paul Windsor, Haida, Heiltsuk Nation.

  • Made from 100% Bamboo Fibre.
  • Measures 27.5″ x 70″.


Click here to learn more about the Pacific Northwest Coast First Nations Symbology of the Wolf.

“I am connected to the Spirit of our people from long ago through my upbringing with my Great Grandmother, Ella Grant. Not only in my imagination, but through my heart, I find interconnections through many sources unseen to the eyes. My mother taught me how to be creative and I am thankful for the artistic teachings I received from my uncles. I find our greatest inspiration is the awareness of ourselves as part of our environment, and spiritual ties to our land with how the people thrived in it. The beauty, voice, grace and power of animals in the natural kingdom continue to be the source for my creativity and my cultural identity. My urban conscience and life’s experiences I will never deny; the people along the way are forever a part of me. I feel as though my art is the language that communicates not only cultural, but also personal stories like songs do.

Paul Windsor

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Weight .25 lbs
Dimensions 11 × 8 × 1 in
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