Poly Satin Scarf- Salmon in Purple


Designed by Anthony Joseph, Coast Salish,

Manufactured by Magenta.

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Salmon Scarf Design by Coast Salish artist Anthony Joseph.

  • 100% Poly Satin Stripe scarf
  • Measures 36 cm x 153 cm.
  • Dry Clean Only!
  • Packaged in a flat box ready for gift giving!


“Symbol of fertility, immortality and sustainer of life. As a renewable food source the Salish people guard and respect salmon and its habitat. Ceremonies are held each year to celebrate the return of the salmon to their traditional spawning grounds. They are often carved or rendered i pairs as a symbol of good luck.”  

Click here to learn more about the Pacific Northwest Coast First Nations Symbology of the Salmon.

Anthony Joseph – Coast Salish artist Anthony Joseph resides with the Squamish Nation in British Columbia. Born into the Eagle Wolf Clan, Anthony is the youngest of eight brothers, all of whom are traditional carvers. Anthony’s art reflects the beauty of his surroundings and the artistic traditions of his family.

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Weight .5 lbs
Dimensions 11 × 9 × 1 in
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