The Wolf



Wolf can be considered a masculine symbol of leadership and intelligence. He is a leader of the people and shows us strength in relationships and the importance of strong family values. Wolves live and hunt in packs or family groups, so he is a teacher of cooperation, protectiveness and the value of extended families. Wolf shows intense loyalty with a balance of independence.

The Wolf is depicted in Pacific Northwest Coast First Nations art as having distinct features including sharp pointed teeth and claws, long snout, pointed ears and a bushy tail. He is always depicted in a profile view.

Image by Redmond


Animal designs featured on shop.slcc.ca are by various indigenous artists from nations across Turtle Island; these artists have an agreement with Native Nortwest Company to share these designs on their behalf. As an authorized distributor of Native Northwest products, they have extended Squamish Lil’wat Cultural Centre permission to share these images.

Animal Symbology
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