Bonny Krulicki

Bonny Krulick, Snuneyeymuxw Nation. Canadian Salish Aboriginal Language Artist: Bonny Graham-Krulicki – b. wyse, lives on the Pacific Coast of B.C. Her paintings, designs and prints are inspired by the richness of her aboriginal ancestry and a strong desire to preserve aboriginal language through her art.

“My designs are a tribute to my heritage, to language and the environment, the flow of life and culture, and the physical and spiritual power it embraces.” Featuring inspirational words such as: dream, believe, hope, care and healing.

Her Aboriginal artwork has taken years to develop and she works closely with respected elders and fluent speakers for guidance and inspiration. Bonny continues to expand her word and phrase designs, exploring new mediums and directions through which to share her art and culture as a Canadian Aboriginal language artist.

A professional graphic artist for more than 25 years, Bonny has earned national recognition, and her designs showcased at the Vancouver/Whistler 2010 Winter Olympics, Dreamcatchers Charitable Foundation Big Idea finalist, YES Vancouver NRT symposium, in The Stó:lõ Resource Centre and Chilliwack General ER, and with Native Women’s Association of Canada, Chilliwack Visual Artists Association, school and community programs, and various media features.

Halkomelem (also Halq’eméylem, Hun’qumi’num and Hul’q’umín’um indigenous to S.W. B.C.) is an ancient, verbal and expressive language borne of the rich spirituality and aboriginal culture of the region and has been been on the brink of extinction.

Bonny was born born on Vancouver Island where her mother, Ellen Graham and Grandmother Lavina live.

Bonny’s signature holds both traditional and contemporary style, taking the past and moving into the present. With respect to her ancestral roots, she has chosen the “Halkomelem” language encompassing the South-western region of British Columbia. These traditional languages are ever changing, evolving and can be expressed in many dialects and interpretations, depending on the structure of its use. It is a verbal and expressive language that holds richness in the spirituality and aboriginal culture and is on the brink of extinction.

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